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About us

“Resha……is a bold attempt to take people back to “wood” as we believe that “Going back to the woods is the only way forward” - Resha Remodeling

What is Resha

We are a new, innovative, solution-oriented company that sells authentic wood to customers who wish to see a magical transformation of their living space with wood-based products.

  • For ages, the wood market has been a space where customers feel vulnerable about the specifications and authenticity of the wood. Hence, they can be taken for a ride due to technical aspects such as the species name, dimensions, grading, quantity estimations, pricing etc.
  • Our pledge is to convert the technical and complicated wood buying process into one where Resha customers get authentic wood products in the most convenient way. We are here with a long term vision to bring order into this industry which until now was a disorganized sector.
  • Resha attempts to introduce innovation in this field at a fast pace with a professional approach. It will raise the bar by offering people innovative products like pre-planed wooden planks, pre-dried lumber, pre-chemical treated, fire retardant, thermo wood etc options.
  • The ready to use products are offered under the D.I.C concept which means inbuilt options of Design, Installation and Coating making Resha the first choice in wood options.
  • Resha attempts to clear the misconceptions about wood with respect to its adverse environmental impact. In reality, wood is the rare biodegradable product used for construction purposes and thus is best suited to reduce carbon footprint for you while you construct your living/ working space.

Wood Truths

  • The guilt in wood usage surely helps the other industries to sell inorganic products and we rarely see them sharing details of the carbon footprints.
  • Wood is probably the only product that doesn’t release any greenhouse effect gases into the atmosphere while it grows in plantations. With planned harvesting it makes more economic sense to use wood as newly planted trees provide more oxygen absorption capacity. Wood hardly contributes to pollution in fact, the reverse is true.

Why choose Resha?

Resha products come from the group which is a part of the exclusive club of FSC certified companies and audited yearly by International Auditors. The group FAITH had been an exporter of wooden products to more than 10 countries and it Imports products from more than 15 countries spanning Europe/ USA / Latin America, Malaysia etc.

It is time that the people believe the promise that the woods hold and with Resha we aim to stop looting customers so that you get the right wood and wooden products for the right price & of course with the right warranties. Resha is your destination to buy high-quality wood and related products. Our goal is to keep adding strength to our supply network by expanding our reach to 10 states in North India.

So sit back, relax and witness the wood buying experience called RESHA and yes do watch out for our stamp and mark to authenticate all our products before buying.

Team Members


Director, Faith Lumber Pvt Ltd

He has over 20 years' experience in the timber industry and has been involved in all facets of the timber industry including procurement, production, sales and marketing. He presently looks after finance, procurement, export sales and marketing of all divisions. He has overall responsibility for strategic direction, management, and operations.

The credit of creating a sense of honesty, credibility and high-quality products in the minds of the customers for the company goes to him. Prior to this, Prashant has explored being a Media Coordinator and has done his Masters in Management Studies (Marketing) along with a Bachelor's degree in Economics.


Director, Faith Lumber Pvt Ltd

He has almost 10 years' experience in the timber industry. He presently looks after production, sales and marketing of the hardwood division. He is instrumental in transforming the production and marketing department of the company by providing strategic solutions to further augment production and customer engagement. Prior to this, Parrichay has worked for over 4 years in the financial services sector. He has done his Masters in Management Studies (Finance) along with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.


Director, Faith Lumber Pvt Ltd

He has over 12 years' experience in the timber industry. He presently looks after the company's sales to the northern belt of India. His results-driven approach and passion for excellent service are exactly the attributes the clients look for. He has done his Masters in Management Studies (Finance) along with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce.

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