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All Thats Brown is Not Wood

All that glitters is not gold. And the same applies to the quality of wood.

Any material that looks like wood on the face of it may not actually be wood. There are many wood textured materials with grains and textured that copy original wood.

But real wood is a product that combines inspiration, beauty and performance offering exclusive design options that are limited only by imagination.

The flexibility and versatility is no better demonstrated than by the variety of applications it lends itself to.

From striking internal timber detailing to strong and cost effective external structures, wood offers a solution to a multitude of building and design requirements, literally creating living spaces alive with beauty, warmth and comfort.

Timber is one of the world’s top performing construction materials. Tried and tested over centuries, it’s inherent beauty, strength and durability has seen it remain one of the most popular building materials to this day.

The beauty of wood is that it engages all of our senses. Warm, rich and affecting, its surface has a tactile and sensuous strength, while the range of timber hues and the depth of individual grain delights the eye.

Its appeal in design and construction is a natural one, as of course, all of these sensual elements are present when we build with wood.

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