Furniture is something that is meant to be used and enjoyed but, don’t you think picking the right wood for furniture is quite critical? Don’t worry! You are in the right place. Buying wood for the furniture is an investment that’s going to last for years, if picked carefully. For this, we have handpicked the list of best furniture wood for your sweet home!

Which is the Best Wood for Your Furniture? 

To determine the real value of your furniture you need to identify the type of wood you are going to use. Wood is mainly favoured for their beauty, workability, and most importantly, durability!

Ideal Furniture Wood- Maple wood

Looking for the most durable and long-lasting furniture? If yes, then maple wood furniture is the perfect fit for you! Ranging from cream to red-brown colors, maple wood can be easily carved.

Fun fact - Many scholars believe that the inner frame of Trojan Horse was constructed by Maple

Perfect Wood For Outdoor Furniture- Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is naturally weather-resistant and is highly aromatic. However, it is remarkably resistant to insect attacks as well. This wood has a hard texture and is lightweight. Still, confused? Worry not, RESHA is there to help you with the best furniture wood. Check out the latest wood variety now!

Fun fact - Cedarwood was used to build King Solomon’s Temple and is also mentioned in the Bible.

Best Furniture Wood For Interiors - Walnut Wood

Walnut is fairly lightweight and has a medium texture. Colour varies from white to dark brown and is mainly used for fine furniture.

Fun fact - During World War I, Walnut was used to make airplane propellers.

Excellent Wood For Furniture- Oak Wood

Oak is the perfect wood if you are searching for something durable and inexpensive. With around 600 species, Oakwood is remarkably heavy, strong, and evergreen. Most importantly, Oakwood is resistant to fungal attacks.

Fun fact - In 1980, Queen Victoria gifted the the U.S President the Oval office desk which is made up of Oak.

Affordable Wood - Birch

Closely related to Oakwood, Birch is mainly found in the northern hemisphere. This wood is widely used as it is hard and of medium weight and color ranges from cream to a light red-brown.

Fun fact - Howard Hughes’ famous H-4 Hercules was made up of birch

Perfect Choice For Furniture- Mahogany

If you are searching for the best furniture wood, you are in the right place. RESHA is the one-stop destination where you will get Mahogany wood at a very affordable price. This wood is prized for its color, beauty, and durability.

Fun fact - Mainly used to build instruments, giving a warm tone to the sound.

With Resha, pick from the best wood variety and add value to your dream house!!!