Whether you're looking to renovate a commercial or residential space, solid wooden flooring checks all the boxes. Touted as the best option to lend a sense of elegance to your interiors, wooden flooring has been a popular flooring choice throughout the ages. 

Without further ado, let us look at the six reasons why wood flooring is a cut above the rest: - 

  • Easy to install 

Quality wooden flooring is specifically designed to ensure that each panel fits perfectly. With so many designs and colour options to choose from, let your inner interior designer have free reign. 

  • Cleans easily 

Wood flooring is effortless to clean as it does not accumulate too much dirt, dust and debris. A weekly cleaning regime which involves vacuuming and mopping is all you need for a neat and tidy home. 

  • Unrivalled quality 

Along with a high-end aesthetic, wood flooring offers warmth and beauty, which adds that extra vitality to your home. Wood floors are also said to enable a look of extra space wherever they are installed. 

  • Made to last 

High-quality wooden flooring is manufactured, installed and finished to meet certain standards that stand to last the test of time. Able to stand up to high foot traffic and active workspaces, quality wooden flooring is tough, durable and resistant to exterior elements like fire, insects and so on. 

  • Variety 

Wood flooring offers a wide range of appearances. There are many colours and styles available for you to choose from. No matter how exuberant your needs are, there is a wooden flooring out there which is the perfect fit for you. 

  • Keeps a check on indoor air quality 

Wooden flooring is perfect for any indoor environment because it helps keep the space’s air quality in check. It has no cracks or grout lines that capture dust, pollen and other particles within the space. They are the best choice of flooring when it comes to dealing with unhealthy indoor air quality. 

For more information on the best wooden flooring options available in the market, visit the RESHA website and go premium with various options to choose from.