"There is something so timeless and classic about hardwood floors. They have been used for centuries, for good reasons."

These words are justified when we refer to wood flooring. A house becomes beautiful not with just the aesthetics but with the comfort and functionality it holds. Furthermore, flooring sets the standard of what a person experiences when at home.

Let us talk about how versatile wooden flooring can be: - 

It can be used almost anywhere as long as it’s not near a surface that gets wet often, such as near a traditional kitchen. Mopping it daily will not harm the wood if it was dried well before it was installed. Before deciding, however, let us discuss some advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring and determine whether it is a practical choice for Indian homes. 

Some of the types of floorings that can be suitable in India are as follows:

1. Solid Pure Hardwood -  This is made out of one specie and is not mixed with any other specie for purity reasons. It is very durable and is very easy to clean at the same time. Temperature changes do not affect the wood in any way. It does not shrink in dry condition and does not swell when exposed to moisture as well. It is essential to have flooring’s moisture in control while installing it. 

2. Engineered wood - In this case, the top surface is costly and in-demand species mixed with layers of cheaper species or plywood at the bottom. It is also very durable and provides an excellent touch experience. It is one of the most prominently used wood options when it comes to redesigning any part of your home. This wood is moisture and insect-resistant; hence, it is ideal for places with a decent air moisture level. 

3. Bamboo wood - Like the hardwood flooring, bamboo floors provide excellent durability. Much like other wood varieties, this one looks extremely beautiful and warm. It is eco- friendly and renewable for modern choices.

Benefits of wooden flooring-

1. Durable - Wooden flooring is extremely durable. By applying just a small amount of time and energy, it can last for decades. 

2. Impressive aesthetics - This goes without saying that wood looks extraordinary, classy and elegant. It provides warmth to any space, and its simplicity adds a brownie point to your home. 

3. Adaptable - Wooden flooring is extremely versatile and can be adapted to any space. With a little bit of research, you will be able to choose from multiple options when planning to kickstart a project. Diverse in nature.

4. Ups the ante of your home - If you ever feel that you need to sell your home, then wood will make your space’s aesthetics go up a notch. The fine, exquisite texture and premium looks will give your house that extra edge on the market. 

5. Excellent Insulation properties - wood is a bad conductor of heat. It makes a lot of sense to have it on floors, and you never need to worry about floors being prohibitively hot or cold, making it impossible to walk bare feet at homes.

6. Safe - One of the biggest concerns of every owner today is eliminating any risk that arises out of slipping on hard rocky tiles/ marble flooring, which can be very risky if you have old age parents or young kids with you at home. Nothing safeguards you as well as wood on your floor.

However, before you decide, here are some concerns about wooden flooring that must be considered: - 

1. Cost- Depending on the type of wood variety you choose, it can become a little expensive. Still, there are excellent options on the market that are both reliable and cost-effective. All you need to do is reach out to the right company that offers a range of wood
options to choose from. 

2. Maintenance-  It is a myth that wood floors need a lot of maintenance. It is as good as any floor and suits the new living style of Indians. Again, depending on the kind of wood variety, care is necessary. Yet, if you do a little research and find a wood option that is both durable and resistant to the effects of the environment and insects, then you have made the right choice.

Choosing the right wooden flooring can be quite an elaborate affair, but the aesthetic that comes with it is unmatched. Plenty of Indian families opt for this nowadays as they endeavour to give their homes that new and beautiful feel. All the ideas you had in your
mind or all the inspirations you have can now come true with https://reshawood.com!