When we look at a house from the outside, the first thing that we notice is the exteriors. This very fact makes the doors and the doors' frame the first thing that people see and admire. This same factor makes the doors an essential element of an elegant and beautiful looking home.

When you talk about the wood type that used to make doors here in India, there are several factors that we need to consider. There are several varieties of wood when one needs to make the doors. Now, investing in a good quality wooden door can seem like an expensive affair; however, it is critical to keep in mind that if you opt for cheap quality wood, it could hamper security and lead to more wear and tear and tarnish your reputation as well.

For this very reason, it is imperative that you make the right decision of the kind of wood you purchase to make a strong and stylish door. Let us look at some of the best types of wood that you can opt for when making Indian doors and frames.

Tantalising Teak

Teak wood is probably one of the most versatile kinds of wood in so many varieties and classes. Thus, the most popular wood type for building a solid wood door in India happens to be teak wood. Depending on your spending power, you can decide to opt for the superior quality teak wood, including  Ghanian,  Nigerian , Costa Rican, Tanzanian, Brazilian, and Colombian.

Several other types of teak wood like the Burma teak and Indian Central Province (CP) teak are a popular choice because of their rich brown colour. This richness in colour makes them the number one choice when it comes to building a solid door.

Besides the overall look and feel of teak wood, they are the preferred choice for doors and door frames because they are exceptionally durable and effortless to maintain.

Magnificent Meranti

When we look at the qualities of  Meranti wood, it is one of the easier hardwoods to work with. It is easy to cut with the help of a machine or by hand. Doors made from Meranti wood will hold their shape even when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature. Another advantage of opting for a Meranti wood door is that it doesn't warp or twist. All these factors make Meranti wood an excellent choice for building doors. It comes in Dark Red / Light red and Yellow colours.

Brightest Beech

Beechwood is amazing in it looks and has loved in Middle East markets a lot for classic look it gives post finish. Along with the strength, the other quality that makes it a preferred choice for doors is the beautiful pink-brown or the light yellow colour that it emits when exposed to the light.

Beechwood has excellent elasticity and is very firm and durable in nature. Since the wood has an outstanding environmental balance, it holds well in structure even in the most extreme weather conditions. These are the reasons why beechwood is another option that you can consider when building the doors. Do exercise caution and ensure it is full dried while you install it.

White Oak

Since doors are the entry point to your home, most people want them to be of the best quality. One wood type that is a trendy choice for doors is oak wood. Oakwood is very versatile in nature, and there are over 600 different species of oakwood alone.

Oakwood is very resistant to insects and other fungal growth, making it an excellent choice for making solid doors. Besides these points, the other factors that make oak a good choice are its high resistance to wear and tear, ease of polishing, and durability and longevity.


Merbau wood is one of the most preferred wood choices for most people who want to make sturdy doors. Merbau  wood has a great appearance as it comes in warm colours like brownish  red. They have superiority when it comes to hardness, and they are effortless to clean and maintain. Another reason why  it is a good choice for doors is that it is dust resistant, and thus it improves the quality of air as well.

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