As they say, “She might have melted a heart of stone, but nothing can melt a heart of wood”. With so much happening in the interior decoration domain, it’s tough to believe that even in 2021, wood continues to stay relevant owing to its versatility, sustainability, and warmth. Its availability in various forms, shapes, and colours makes it highly adaptable and of incredible aesthetics.

Trends are usually fast-moving and continually changing, but when it comes to wood, this hasn’t been the case as it continues to provide for beautiful and comfortable homes and workspaces. Be it floorings, wall cladding or furnishing solutions, wood has continued to be the first choice of consumers for ages now. As wood caters to all tastes, it doesn’t matter if you are prone to modern sensibilities or are inclined towards the rustic traditional civilisation; wood will continue to amaze you.

Without further ado, let us look at the top five trending wood for modern interiors:

  1. Oak Wood

    Known for its hardiness, durability, rot and water resistance, and bendable qualities, Oak Wood is a stellar choice for various solutions. Oakwood is available in red and white colours, which can be blended for making different patterns of stylish bedroom furniture, elegant table lamps, trendy wall art, classy joinery, sophisticated cladding, and chic cabinets.

  2. Maple Wood

    It comes in two variants - soft and hard. You can remove stains with both variants easily. Being hard and shock-resistant, it is used to roll along even on narrow floors, making it easy to set up beautiful floors and economical room furniture. It has a fine texture and curly grains, having properties that offer a rich sound. Hence, it is known as tonewood and is used for making bases of musical instruments like Guitars, Violin, and other corded musical instruments. Bird-eye shape, leaf shape, and burls are their significant variety used in making elegant veneers. It has numerous applications, including room furniture, flooring, cabinet, baseball bats, recurve bows, etc.

  3. Mahogany Wood

    Mahogany is the most popular and demanding wood because of its durability, integrity, hardness, flexibility, and elegance. It is considered one of the most usable wood options because of its sheer quality. It is used to make impressive and grand door designs, statues and sculptures, carving, interior decoration, and many other notable applications.

  4. Pine Wood

    Pinewood is cheaper than other hardwood. Being light-weighted, free from re-enforcement, shrinking, and swelling resistant with good elasticity, and available in attractive strain, it is used for interior designs and decoration. It creates a unique aroma and keeps the home warm and cosy. Pinewood is affordable and available far and wide.

  5. Walnut Wood

    In modern interior decoration and design, it adds rich brown colours. It is used in flooring, interior panelling, and cabinetry. It is also well-equipped for applications like profiling, turning, and carving. It is demanding, exclusive and expensive. The furniture made of walnut wood looks impressive and chic.

Now, with this information in hand, select your wood type to make your home elegant, exquisite, and beautiful with