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Why Use Wood

That’s because by choosing wood as the material for your furniture, you are actually doing good to the environment.

Trees absorb C02 while they grow, this CO2 absorbed by them remains ‘locked’ in wood. So, the more you use wood as a material, the more space you make for new trees to grow that will absorb a lot of CO2 and will clean the air in their lifetime.

Old trees absorb carbon dioxide at a much lesser rate than the young trees, making them less effective in controlling pollution around the area of plantations.

When a tree dies due to ageing, lightning, wind, storm, floods; the carbon locked away in its cells is released back into the environment causing damage to the environment. The death of a 70 year old tree would return about 3 tons of carbon to the atmosphere.

We at Resha, take part in selective harvesting done by professional suppliers we work with. That’s why we are one of the few companies in the world to have FSC certification.

Selective harvesting as a process allows more sunlight to reach the forest floor which allows young trees to grow and mature in the desired way.

The more we use wood, the more carbon remains locked throughout life, helping reduce the carbon footprint. A hectare of trees in a year absorb CO2 equivalent to what will be produced by a car driven for approx. 1,00,000 km.

Wood is recyclable and reused from demolished buildings etc. resulting in justified use of a natural resource. New trees are planted to replace the harvested legally making it perfectly sustainable as well.

When you choose artificial materials that only mimic the look of wood, you do not contribute in cleaning the environment. Also, you don’t get the joy of using authentic wood that is exclusive only to your home.

We at Resha set standards of excellence for providing timber solutions. We aim to deliver products in the way that our clients want them delivered: with exemplary service, trust and convenience.

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